2012 Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament

Published on 27 February 2012


Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament — “Twenty Second Anniversary”

Bringing together mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.


Ahoy Matey’s!

Calling all Pirates, hearties and lasses for our 2012 X Marks the Spot” Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament! 

 Arrr featured artist is Brendan Coudal, selected once again with artwork that is for sure a treasure! This is Brendan’s fourth time as our official Ladies Day Tournament artist and he may need some help from the public this year with his as yet un-named “Pirate Girl” painting. But more about that later…

The collectable tournament posters have become an island prize and this year a portion of the proceeds are going to benefit The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

Twenty two years ago a group of Boca Grande women got together and decided to have a tarpon tournament.  There were three requirements: it had to be all women, all release and all fun. Those three requirements are what made the tournament unique.   Tarpon tournaments were mostly men, usually involved dragging a prize tarpon several miles to the dock and displaying it for all to see. This was unacceptable for the women who founded the Boca Grande Ladies Day Tournament.  Even the ritual of weighing and releasing a tarpon on site (still a common practice in some tournaments) was considered too stressful on such a beautiful creature.  This practice is becoming less prevalent as many tournaments have changed to a more positive fishing style of “do no harm” a movement promoted  and supported among the local tarpon fishermen here on Boca Grande.

Multigenerational teams and an average of 50 boats are now competing in what has become an island tradition.  This is the “unofficial” kickoff of the world famous tarpon season in Boca Grande.

 “We know our ladies will love what we are doing this year. This year’s tournament includes the traditions of years past and adds a new flair that the committee members are thrilled about that will for sure become traditions of the future.”

 Larissa Wells  

Tournament Director

2012 Tournament Entry and Sponsorship Forms

May 20, 2012 Ladies Day Entry Form

2012 Ladies Day Sponsorship Form

 For more information on the tournament and how to purchase items featuring Brendan’s timeless artwork, contact:  Lew Hastings, Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce, 941-964-0568, info@bocagrandechamber.com

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2012 “World’s Richest” Tarpon Tournament

Published on 10 February 2012


















Dear Anglers, Sponsors and Sport Fishing fans the world over,

As the new Executive Director at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce one of my goals is to strengthen and promote the financial growth and well being of the local businesses in order to sustain a healthy community. A task not so easily carried out sometimes, especially in a challenging economy. In addition we see the constant threat of damage and destruction to the natural beauty and wildlife habitats that surround us and recognize that they can not and should not be looked upon as a cost of doing business. Exploitation of natural resources in the name of progress and financial gain leaves us a great deal poorer in the end.

Here at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce we are blessed with a unique opportunity to address both issues by promoting an eco-tourism event that encourages the motivation for conservation powered by the business community.

Our mission of Conservation, Education and Sportsmanship takes Boca Grande’s world famous moniker of “Tarpon Capital of the World” and the Boca Grande Chamber’s signature “World’s Richest” Tarpon Tournament and uses them to create a vehicle where we can build small business by educating residents and visitors alike about the importance of protecting our ecosystems.


In 2012 on the 30th Anniversary of it’s inception, the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce will once again sponsor and direct the storied “World’s Richest” Tarpon Tournament for its long awaited return.


Education and conservation of the fishery combined with sport fishing will be the primary focus. Safe boating, sportsmanship and responsible angling will be promoted in order to encourage a safe, successful family friendly event that will ensure the protection and proper stewardship of our natural resources so that they may be enjoyed for generations to come.


The urgency towards conservation has become increasingly apparent over the last few years and the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to taking the lead in creating opportunities to help rehabilitate a habitat that has flourished in South West Florida for thousands of years.


This will be a multi-day event with the “World’s Richest” Tarpon Tournament held on May 17th & 18th, the Gasparilla Island Kids Classic hosted by Gasparilla Outfitters taking place on Saturday May 19th with proceeds benefitting Moffitt Cancer Research Center, and the Boca Grande Chamber’s 22nd Annual Ladies Day Tournament taking place on Sunday May 20th.


Our All–Release, No-Weigh, No-Kill tournaments are an alternative whose time has come. Bringing families together in sport and education

strengthens not only our estuaries and fisheries, but enriches our community as a whole.


Recent studies like the on done by Dr. Tony Fedler prepared for the Everglades Foundation concerning the significant economic and environmental impact recreational fishing has on our communities, make conservation for a sustainable fishery not only preferable but necessary.


We are proud to have Guy Harvey Enterprises as a premier sponsor and we are pleased to reveal their specially designed tournament art in support of the event. We have the support of companies like Project Tarpon whose primary mission is conservation. Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, Florida Sport Fishing Magazine, Harbor Style Magazine, the Tampa Bay Rays and more national sponsors have shown interest and we are currently working out details on how they can become involved.


We would like you to add your support to our efforts for this event. Your participation is vital to the success of our mission and shows we are committed to the continued success of our business community and the pursuit of a prudent course of action in the protection of the sport fishing history that our area was built upon.


Please contact me at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce at 941-964-0568, email me at info@bocagrandechamber.com or visit our website at www.worldsrichesttarpon.com and let me know how we can work together.

Lew Hastings

Executive Director


PO Box 704

Boca Grande, FL 33921

email: info@bocagrandechamber.com


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Meet Representative Gary Aubuchon
When: Tue, March 27, 2012, 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Where: Boca Grande Community Center Auditorium – 131 First Street Boca Grande FL 33921 (map)
The Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce will host Florida House Representative Gary Aubuchon who will speak on issues and decisions from the 2012 Florida Legislative Session.
Gary Aubuchon has been a resident of southwest Florida for nearly three decades. He currently lives in Cape Coral with his wife Andrea and is the proud father of three daughters, Julia, Jennifer, and Madison. Gary has served our community through personal participation on non-profit boards and government agencies. During his career, he has been awarded Cape Coral’s Citizen of the Year and Lee County’s Humanitarian of the Year. He considers giving back to the community a core value, a privilege, and an honor.
As a business leader and President of the Aubuchon Team of Companies, Gary’s leadership skills and management competency have distinguished him in the Southwest Florida business community. His experience as an entrepreneur began as a one person, home-based real estate business. Under his leadership, it has developed into the present-day, diversified enterprise that has earned him the local reputation as an industry leader with vision.
The Speaker of the Florida House Dean Cannon appointed Representative Aubuchon to serve as the Chairman of the Rules and Calendar Council. The position of Rules Chairman is one of the most difficult and sensitive positions in the House. According to House Speaker Dean Cannon: “The Rules of the Florida House guide the conduct of House business and protect the integrity of the institution. They are essential to the smooth and fair flow of the process from bill referrals to final floor action. The House Rules Chair must understand how parliamentary procedure interacts with the practical work of the Legislature. He must act as an honest broker to ensure the orderly functioning of the House while respecting the rights of individual members. Representative Gary Aubuchon has demonstrated to me that he possesses these qualities, and I am honored that he has agreed to serve as my Rules Chair.”
For more information contact
Lew Hastings
Managing Director
Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce

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Chamber Newsletter July 2011

Published on 11 July 2011

Please click image to enlarge.


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Fall Festival video

Published on 06 November 2010

The Boca Grande Fall Festival Street Party featuring the Boca Bande, Tucci and the Landsharks. Video by Skip Perry.

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Fall Festival in Photos

Published on 05 November 2010

The Fall Festival street party and the Gasparilla Properties-Grande Aire Services Boca Grande Golf Scramble in photos. Photography by Skip Perry.

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“hearts of palm” – A Cookbook to Cherish!

Published on 29 September 2010

Cookbook 2010

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Boca Beach Report

Published on 12 July 2010

Boca Beach Report

The Beaches of Boca Grande are beautiful, clean and pristine.  The surrounding estuaries are teeming with fish and the tarpon have arrived by the thousands.  Our little village is bustling with weddings, fishermen and families enjoying natures bounty.  We are thankful that the loop current in the Gulf of Mexico will take the oil spill in the gulf away from our beautiful beaches,  and at the same time we wish the best for our Gulf neighbors far to our northwest.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projects that there is less than a one percent chance of oil reaching the beaches of Boca Grande and Southwest Florida.

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Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament Video

Published on 27 May 2010

Video highlights of the 2010 Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament. If you would like to see some photos click here.

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Boca Grande news & press

Published on 27 May 2010

Please visit the following links for the latest news from Boca Grande:


Islands Magazine - Where Luxe Is Low Key article

Islands Magazine – Where Luxe Is Low Key Published January 2010

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